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Replacement Parts Kit


Replacement Parts Kit

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HI019163_65.png AIE K-300A(F) Replacement Kit for Automatic Sealer with Flat Wire, AIE300A, 12 Inch Kit $22.67
HI019164_65.png AIE K-450FD 18 Replacement Kit For AIE-450FD Double Impulse Sealer, 5 mm, 18 Inch Kit $46.67
HI020030_65.png K-200C KIT Replacement Kit for Hand Cutter Sealer, AIE200C, 2 mm, 8 Inch Kit $9.33
HI020033_65.png K-2018 Replacement Kit for I-Bar Sealer, AIE2018I, 18 Inch Kit $13.33
HI020034_65.png K-205H 8 ELEMENT Replacement Kit for Hand Sealer, AIE205, 5 mm, 8 Inch Kit $10.66
HI020037_65.png K-300A1 ROUND KIT Replacement Kit for Automatic Sealer with Round Wire, AIE300A1, 14 Inch Kit $22.67
HI020038_65.png K-300C KITS Replacement Kit for Cutter Sealer, AIE300C, 2 mm, 12 Inch Kit $10.67
HI020042_65.png K-305(F) Replacement Kit for Foot Sealer, AIE305FI, 5 mm, 12 Inch Kit $25.33
HI020044_65.png K-400PR ROUND WIRE Replacement Kit for Hand Sealer with Round Wire, AIE400P, 16 Inch Kit $16.00
HI020050_65.png K-600A 24 ELEMENT Replacement Kit for Automatic Sealer, AIE600A1, 2 mm, 24 Inch Kit $36.00
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