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Clear Gusseted Poly Bags


Each of our gusseted poly bags are made of 100% Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) resin that meets FDA/USDA specifications. Side gussets expands easily to fit over bulky or irregular size objects. Tubular construction with a durable bottom seal, make these bags the best on the market. Features superior clarity for showing the quality of your customers products. All our low density bags meet the size and thickness requirements of Federal Specification A-A-3174.The thickness requirements as stated in the Federal Specifications are + or - 20%.In most cases our bags are -15 to -20 percent so if thickness is important for you, please go to a higher thickness. Can be heat sealed, tied, stapled or taped shut. See Ties or Thermal Sealers for a complete list of bag closing options.Available on rolls where notedAvailable in 4 mil thicknessBottom sealed bags have 1/8 to bottom skirtCall for custom quote on any size not listed

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1 MIL Clear Gusseted Poly Bags


1.25 MIL Clear Gusseted Poly Bags


1.5 MIL Clear Gusseted Poly Bags


2 MIL Clear Gusseted Poly Bags


3 MIL Clear Gusseted Poly Bags
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