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Product Overview
Aerosol Adhesives
Aerosol Products
Based on 3M pioneering technology, these aerosol adhesives are precisely formulated for industrial performance requirements. Here you`ll find Aerosol products like Aerosol Can Gun, Adhesion Promoter, Packaging Aerosols, Glue Stick and Adhesive Remover etc.
Best Sellers
Bulk Adhesives, Scotch-Weld
This section includes 3M Best selling adhesives. Scotch-Weld Adhesives provide greater design latitude, cleaner lines, less machining, lighter weight, more durability and often less cost.
Contact Adhesives
Epoxies, Duo-Pak Cartridges
Innovative answers to a wide variety of non-structural bonding problems. Some formulations are tailored to specific types of applications. Two-part, room-temperature curing epoxy, urethane and acrylic adhesives especially formulated and packaged for use in the EPX Applicator.
Epoxies, One-Part
Epoxies, Two-Part
One part load-bearing epoxies are ideal for metals, rubber, glass and more. These epoxies eliminate mixing of two-part systems. Two-part, room-temperature or heat curing epoxy and Urethane adhesives provide high-strength bonds on a wide variety of substrates.
EPX Applicators & Accessories
Industrial Adhesives
Here you`ll find EPX Applicators and Accessories like EPX Applicator, EPX Plus Applicator, Plunger, Mixing Nozzle and Conversion Kit etc. A full line of adhesives with versatile substrate and application capabilities for a wide range of industrial product assembly applications.
Instant Adhesives
Jet-Melt Adhesives
One-part, room-temperature curing adhesives are ready-to-use without metering or mixing. Bonded parts are ready in seconds. 3M Hot melt bonding systems provide increased pressure to improve productivity, lower costs and effective support in many areas.
Jet-Weld Adhesive Appl. & Parts
Jet-Weld Adhesives
Here you`ll find Jet-Weld Adhesive Applicator System, Jet-Weld Adhesive Applicator Replacement Parts and Accessories. A complete line of warm applied, moisture-curing polyurethane adhesives for woodworking, laminating and plastic component assembly markets.
Other Adhesives
Plastic Adhesives
In this section you`ll find different adhesives like Fastbond Foam Adhesives, Spray Bond Adhesives, Fastbond Spray Kits and Glue Sticks. A complete line of high-strength, fast-drying adhesives with unique plastic bonding capabilities for a wide variety of industries.
Polygun Accessories and Parts
Polygun Applicators
This section includes Polygun Parts and Accessories, Tips, Repair Parts, Bench Mount, Bench stand and B arrel Kit etc. Here you`ll find Polygun Applicators like Polygun AE, Polygun TC, Polygun LT, Polygun EC and Polygun II.
Rubber & Gasket Adhesives
A versatile line of high strength adhesives used in industry to bond rubber and gasket materials to themselves and to other substrates. This section includes versatile line of products for a wide variety of sealant applications.
Spray-Bond Applicators
A line of solvents for clean-up, surface preparation, and solvent reactivation of many adhesives, coatings and sealers. Here you`ll find Spray Bond Applicators and Accessories like SB Applicator, Adapter Kit, Valve Repair Kit, O-Ring and Air Cap etc.
Water-Based Adhesives
A versatile selection of water based adhesives with no Volatile Organic Compounds and non flammability to bond a wide variety of substrates.
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