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3M Protective Films and Protective Tape.

This section includes 3m protective films, protective tape, automotive paint protective film, removable protective film, car protective tape, 3M polymask (also known as poly mask), protective poly film and uv protective film. Factors that can affect the use and performance of a 3Mô  Protective Tape  in a particular application are surface texture of substrate, surface preparation of substrate, method and conditions of tape application, time and environmental conditions and storage conditions. There are four basic steps for product selection:
Determine the appropriate film backing. 
Determine the best overall adhesive range needed to protect your substrate. 
Determine surface compatibility to be protected. 
Test for desired performance.
It is essential that the user evaluate the 3Mô  Protective Tape to determine whether it is suitable for a particular purpose to meet the user's expectation.  For specific product information concerning your application,  please contact us at  (800)952-7424.

Suggested Products for some Applications

3M Protective Tape 3M Protective Films for Metals: Protection of painted metal surfaces is important during stamping and shearing operations, as well as during transit and installation. To help prevent surface damage, 3Mô Protective Tape is applied to the metal coil after sheeting, prior to the door being formed.
Suggested Products: 2A10, 2A12 (for gloss finishes) 2A26, 2A29, 2A87 for (flat finishes)
Optional Products: 25A10, 25A12 (for gloss) 25A26, 25A29, 25A87 for (flat).
3M Protective Films 3M Protective Tape for Metal Fabrication: Early in the fabrication process, prior to sheeting, 3Mô Protective Tape is laminated to the metal coils to help protect the metal from abrasion during shearing, stacking, stamping, and assembly operations.
Suggested Products: 25A25, 25A26, 3125 and 3126
Optional Products: 25M26X, 3W25X and 3W26X.
3M Protective Film for Marble Protective Film for Marble Sinks/Spas and Countertops: A protective tape should be applied after final finishing to the sink, spa, or countertop prior to packaging, shipping and installation. This helps ensure a scratch-free product. Suggested Products: 25A12, 25A25 and 25A26 for clean surfaces, 25A87, 3187 and 4187 for surfaces that have not been cleaned prior to installation.
Optional Products: 5126, 5187.
3M Protective Film for Light Switches Polymask for Light Switches and Door Kick Plates: 3Mô Protective Tapes are an excellent choice to help protect surfaces, like these switches and kick plates, from damage that can occur during production, transit and installation.
Suggested Products: 2105, 2110, 25A10, 3110 and 3112  Optional Products: 2A10 and 25A10

Screw & Small Parts:
  Pieces can be packaged using Cold Sealģ products to help keep small parts securely together and to prevent scratching of other items within the same package. 
Suggested products:  3130, 4130 and 5130
Protective Film for Automotive Lights Protective Film for Automotive Lights: 3Mô Protective Tapes 3W26X and 25M26X have excellent UV properties while providing protection from abrasion and scratching during manufacturing, shipping and installation.  3W26X and 25M26X offer excellent outdoor UV resistance for up to one year.
Optional UV Products: 2AU23B/UV, 2AU26B/UV, 31U23C/UV and 31U26C/UV
Protective Film for Automotive Mirrors Protective Film for Automotive Mirrors: Many applications require a UV stable backing.  3Mô  Protective Tapes 2AU23B/UV and 31U26C/UV are excellent choices for protecting mirror finishes from abrasion and marring.  These tapes resist the affects of prolonged UV exposure for up to 3 months. New translucent UV protective tapes offer the ability to inspect parts through the tape. Optional Products: 2AU26B/UV (blue) and 31U23C/UV (clear)
Protective Tape for Graphics Protective Tape for Graphics: Printed graphics such as nameplates and signage need to be protected to prevent damage to the printed surface during manufacturing, transit and installation.  Suggested Products: 2104, 2105, 3104 and 3105 for polished surfaces, 2125, 2126, 3125 and 3126 for low gloss surfaces, 2A29, 25A29, 25A88 and 3188 for matte textured surfaces.
Carpet Protection Films

Carpet Protection Films: 3Mô EZ Unwind Protective Carpet Tapes are the simple solution for temporary protection of carpeting.  Suggested products: Automotive and RV carpets 2E93EZ, 2E95EZ and 3195EZ.  Commercial and Residential carpets 2E79, 3179 and 2E93EZ.  Marine and Aerospace carpets that require a fire retardant product 4F79, 4F92.

General Product Information

Film Backings:  

2,  3,  4, 5 and 8 mil Polyethylene
1 mil Polyester
2 and 6 mil Polypropylene
2, 2.5 and 5  mil Co-extruded "A" Film
2 mil "E"
3 mil Co-Extruded Black/White Film
4 mil Fire Retardant Polyethylene
Adhesion Guidelines:  
Adhesive                    Oz/Inch
04, 05                            1.0 - 1.8
10                                  2.0 - 3.0   
12                                  3.0 - 4.0
25, 26                            6.0 - 8.0    
29, 55, 56, 58                9.0 - 11.5
67                                  18.0
87, 88                            13.0 - 15.0
79, 93EZ, 95EZ            20.0 - 25.0
General Information:  
Standard web sizes vary by backing.  Typical widths are 48", 60" and 72".
All orders are custom slit.  Custom sizes are available from widths of 2" to 72" and lengths up to 5,000'.
Custom Options:
Cross Perforations
Center Perforations
Colored Backings
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