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    Shipping Work Table, Standard

 Shipping Work Table, Standard
Image Item# Description Unit Price    
BULMAN A692R-1 BULMAN A692R-1 Packing and Dispensing Table with Rotary Shear Cutter EA $636.00
BULMAN A692R-2    BULMAN A692R-2 Packing and Dispensing Table EA $428.00
BULMAN A80-05     BULMAN A80-05 Basic Packing Table EA $766.67
BULMAN A80-06     BULMAN A80-06 Basic Work Table EA $498.67
BULMAN A80-35     BULMAN A80-35 Standard Packing Table EA $882.67
BULMAN A80-36     BULMAN A80-36 Standard Work Table EA $618.67
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